Investment Management

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Building a portfolio that fits your goals and objectives can seem daunting without the right advice. Read below to find out more on how our advisors can help you with your particular situation.

Investment and Advisory Services

We help our clients in building portfolios that are consistent with their comfort of market volatility. We assess each client’s individual risk tolerance and customize their investment strategy to fall in line with their particular goals and investing comfort level.

Day or night, our web based technology allows clients to view all of their financial assets in a secure single location and thereby improving their understanding of the overall investment allocation and net worth.

Providing college funding for your child or grandchild is filled with options, each with their own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Reviewing the goals and flexibility desired for the child, and your current investment composition, is part of the analysis that our advisors utilize to recommend a course of action.

There are only a few decisions which might more greatly affect your retirement than rolling over a retirement plan. Knowing the best option for your Rollover from an Employer sponsored plan is dependent on a few variables and your circumstance.

Your retirement is important, and so is the vehicle you use to save for it. Whether it’s tax deferred growth, tax-free withdraws, or a balance of both, determining the correct financial vehicles for your retirement nest egg is a crucial step in planning a successful retirement.

Grandma always said “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and she was right. In trying to get the right mix of asset classes (stocks, bonds, cash) for your portfolio, you should be aware of the amount of volatility and level of comfort in good and bad markets. By utilizing tools from our highly respected sources, we can help in crafting your ideal portfolio.



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Horizon Investments


Portfolio Design Solutions

After determining your risk tolerance and objectives, our advisors will design a custom investment portfolio solution tailored specifically for you. Through our CAAP Program, we have the ability to utilize different managing techniques and philosophies by implementing third party managers from across the industry in better hopes to suit your goals and objectives.

Have a particular holding you would like a portfolio designed around? Our custom portfolio solutions can handle any client request.

Contact one of our advisors today for a complimentary risk assessment of your portfolio.